My Bio

Biography of David Spinney

I am British by birth, born 9th Feb 1956 in Rye in Sussex.

Since August 2006 I have been married to Jo, a Canadian!

We lived in Spain from 2004 until 2019. In 2020 we moved to Canada.

I have a daughter from my last marriage called Sophie who sadly I have not seen since my divorce in 1999.

I have always been a keen traveller, and have lived in, worked in or visited 36 countries around the world. I used to travel a lot with my work, but this meant seeing more hotel rooms and offices than the sights and people of the countries.

In 1999 after my divorce I retired from work and started travelling a lot more. Between the start of 2000 and mid 2004, I rarely stayed in one place for more than 3 months.

I support myself, my family and the travelling by building websites. On some of the trips I took my cameras, on others I was travelling light, so there are no pictures.

I spent most of 1999 in The UK, but also spent time in The Netherlands, France and the USA.

In 2000 I was in the USA again for over 3 months, Greece, The Netherlands, Dubai, The Maldives and 3 months in Australia.

In 2001 it was back to Europe, spending most of the year in The Netherlands, France and Spain, with visits to see the family in the UK.

In 2002 it was a quiet year just spending time in the Netherlands and Italy. At the end of the year Jo and I went to Canada to spend time with her family.

2003 I spent in Europe.

2004 Jo and I decided to start a life together in Spain. We stayed in Spain until 2019, we were finding it more and more difficult to make Jo a legal resident so we decided we would save and move to Canada. 2019 was a bad year for us, I broke my ankle in Australia in January, despite Jo paying thousands of Euros in taxes she still could not become a legal resident, then in October our home was flooded and we lost a lot of our belongings. In November Jo flew to Canada and we bought a house where we will move to after our holiday finishes in May 2020.

2005 we stayed in Spain and worked on our house, visiting the towns and cities along the coast.

2006 We got married in August in Gibraltar. We headed for Canada in Mid December to spend Christmas and New Year with Jo's family.

2007 We headed to the UK in the first week of January and saw some friends and my father, then headed on out to Auastralia. We stayed in Oz until the last week of March. The rest of the year we just stayed in Spain and worked and visited towns on the Costa Blanca, Madrid and a visit back to Gibraltar to get some paperwork.

2008 We stayed in Spain.

2009 Still living in Spain, trying to survive the economic downturn.

2010 Struggling along in Spain, very little work available, income down to 30% of 2005 levels.

2011 Horrible year, no longer able to afford the mortgage - in 2005 it was 1200€ per month, now its just under 2000€ a month. We stopped trying to pay in May and lost the house in August. We are now renting another house for 800€ which means we can afford to eat again! Most of the Brits have given up and gone home, 3 years ago we knew over 100 Brits living in this town, now we only know about 20!. We are going to Germany for a week just before Christmas. The trip is a present from our friends Dave & Nette.

2013 We went to Malta on a dive holiday

2014 Jo and I went to The Philippines

2015 We went to Fuerteventura in the Canary Islands, Malta, Gibraltar and Thailand

2016 We were in Thailand on New years day and moved on to The Philippines on January 6th, we will be in Malta in September and in Lanzarote in November.

My hobbies include:

  • scuba diving, which I started learning in the Maldives, and got my licences in Australia. Many of my pictures are devoted to diving trips and underwater pictures.
  • photography, I am just starting to do more photography after leaving my cameras in storage for many of my trips.
  • Collecting crystals, I prefer Swarovski crystals and have over 30. I neglected these for some time while travelling, and have only recently started to add to the collection again.
  • Partying - the Spanish love a good party and so do we. We have about 15 a year for anything from 20 to 150 people. Summer BBQ´s, Cocktail parties, fancy dress parties, bouncy castles, you name it we do it!
  • Visiting theme parks. I love them, and visit them wherever I find one. Its good to be a big kid sometimes.
  • Designing and building websites.