My Branch of the Spinney Clan

The Spinney family are mainly based in the Dorset area of the UK. My grandparents had a house and their family in the town of Poole, Dorset.

This page is just the generations starting with my grandfather Jack to the current day. If you can help me fill in missing bits of info please use the contact page to drop me a line.

My immediate family started with my Grandparents:

Grandfather Jack Spinney (b.01.07.1907) Jack was the youngest of 13 children, several of whom emigrated to the USA & Canada

-married Grandmother (Molly)Alfreda Mary Collins-Hoare (b.15.09.1908) (m.01.07.1928)

Had Five Children.

1. John Frank Spinney(b.03.01.1929)

- married Marion Ruth Norman (b.02.08.1927) (m.12.05.1955) (died 2002)
- married Rosemary Smithers (m.27.10.2007)

Had three Children:

1. David Spinney (b.09.02.1956) (mother Marion)

- married Beverley Jane Walker (m 12.04.1980) (div.1982)
- married Jane Marie Kearney (b.27.02.(m.30.06.1990) (div.1999)
- married Joanne Elizabeth Taylor (b.27.05.71) (m.30.08.2006),

Had Two Children

- Sophie Victoria Jane Spinney (b.25.06.91) (mother Jane)
- Kevin Jonathon Taylor (adp) (b.14.12.93) (mother Joanne)

2. Phillip Dinsdale Spinney (b.22.05.1959) (mother Marion)

- married Janette Cook (m.1980) (died 2007)

Had Three Children

- Louise Spinney
- Nicholas Spinney
- Laura Spinney - had a son in 2015

3. Deborah Ruth Spinney (b.04.05.1963) (mother Marion)

2. Albert Spinney (died 2015)

- married Kathleen Samson (widowed)
- married Mirka

Had Three Children

1. Anne Spinney (died 2001)(mother Kath)

- married David Allison, (div)
- married John Nicholls

Had Three Children

- Clare Allison (Father David)
- David Allison (Father David)
- Catherine Nicholls (Father John)

2. Peter Spinney (mother Kath)

3. Richard Spinney (mother Kath)

- married Brigete ??

Had Two Children

1. Callum ??,
2. Connor Spinney

3. David Leonard Spinney (died 2006)

- married Mirrabele (died 2005)

4. Doreen Spinney

- married Steve Harding

Had Four Children

1. Sally ??

2. Andrew Harding

3. Simon Harding

4. Mark Harding

- married Julie

5. Michael Spinney

- married Wendy ??
- married Shiela Barton

Had Four Children

1. Alistair Spinney (mother Wendy)

2. James (mother Sheila)

- married Zoe

3. Charles (mother Sheila)

4. Judy (mother Sheila)