The Spinney Family

The Spinney's have been around a long time, the name originated in France or Spain over a thousand years ago and has been gradually changed in its spelling.

Back in the 1960´s a distant uncle who lived in Australia decided to track down some of his relations back in the UK. This was the start of a major piece of work - our family tree - which is still being worked on more than 40 years later, the task having been handed down through 3 generations of the family.

The family tree is kept by hand, as it proved too difficult to computerise. There are dozens of generations, vertically, and when the tree is unrolled it is over 30 feet long by 4 feet high.

The family has spread through most of the English speaking world, with some of the very early settlers in America and Canada in the 1600´s leaving the main Spinney settlement area of Dorset in England. There are now clusters of Spinney's in the USA, Canada, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, and over the last decade a lot of us have moved to Spain.

Since I started this website I have had distant relations from Australia, USA and Canada get in touch to see if they can work a bit more information into their versions of the family tree.